Pleasant Tense

Today I went to buy a camper for us to live in the month of January while we travel to CA. It’s really perfect and cute, a Palomino truck camper with all the necessities- shower, toilet, kitchen, refrigerator, stove, heat, a/c, swivel dining table that’s exactly the size of my keyboard, nice memory foam bed- and it all fits on the bed of a pickup truck- pretty exciting! I like having my own space and all my stuff so I think it will be a little home on wheels. The reason we went truck camper is bc I camped in the Saline Valley desert this fall where the hot springs are and the truck camper is the best way to get in there, its too rugged to pull a glamper or something back there.  I can’t wait to show Jason how beautiful it is out there.    

But I’m trying to fill in the back story of us so flashback to summer of 2012- this is a picture from the regatta at Hidden Lakes in Columbus, OH.  We hung out a lot that summer with our good friends Frank and Michael, swimming in the lake and jumping off the shorter cliff for sissies, what a fun time.  Frank had lots of floaty rafts and we would all pull each other around. I remember that was when we were in the initial I’m so in love with you phase and I was constantly giggling.  I would pull Jason around and he would look at me in the water all emotional and beaming and one time he said he saw us in the future as old people and he knew we were going to be together.  People floating by would say things like “awww look how in love they are!” Michael would go on kayak trips to the other side of the lake for more socializing then appear again with his big smile and some funny greeting. Then we’d all go to Franks and sing harmonies on everything. Frank likes to hold the notes out reeeeaaaalllly long. Lots of laughing and music. Musicians were always stopping by Franks place so it was often a spontaneous happening of creativity. Frank is a good writer btw, he writes books with positive messages. You can find him online under Frank Tennyson.  One of my favorite sayings of his is “Stay in The Pleasant Tense.”