Life and Love

Here we are in St. Petersburg, FL when we went to see our friend Doug play drums with Geri X.  They invited us to play a couple of songs at the end of their set.

This is the trip where we spontaneously decided to get married on the plane going to see my dad who was in the hospital from a stroke.  It was Sept 7, 2012 bc we got there on a Friday and ended up getting married on Sun Sept 9.  So yes, we dated for a whole 3 months before we got married!  Jason is afraid of flying so had major nerves on the way and maybe was scared we would die ha ha so he said, “Lets get married.”  

I said, “I’ve always wanted to get married on the beach.”

He said, “Let’s do it.”

“Ok, if we can do it, we will.”

So we looked online when we landed and called the first place I found for weddings on the beach.  The guy answered and said he could meet us Sunday but we had to go get our license today and then bring $200 cash. So funny, just bring the cash and sure I’ll marry you.  We went to the courthouse and it was surprisingly easy, then we went to see my dad and stepmom and also stopped at the beach.

The weekend was a blur of meeting Doug’s friends and them being so sweet they threw Jason a bachelor party and us a reception party. We had learned Can’t Help Falling In Love With You to play for my dad in the rehab center of the nursing home and we performed a set there, he was very teary eyed and loved it. Elvis was his favorite.

One of Doug’s friends made us a CD with different versions of that song when we told them the story and it became our official wedding song. We told my Dad and stepmom Judy at lunch and they were both very happy for us. My dad really loved Jason and I’m glad he got to know him before he passed away on Oct 18, 2014.