The Beginning

The first time Jason and I ever performed together, in July of 2012.  I was asked to do a “Dudes and Dudettes” show where you choose someone to perform with that you’ve never worked with before. Each songwriter brings 3 songs and you make them into duets.  I had seen Jason play some of his songs with his friends’ band a few months earlier while I was running sound at a club called Havana in Columbus, OH.  Now that place is gone, but it was a chance meeting that ended up with us getting married.

It was a quick meeting like, “You sounded good, do you play in another band?”

He said, “No, I just write songs and I’m moving to Nashville so I won’t be around.”

I said “Oh cool, good luck.”  

Then I got paid for sound and went to leave, He said to ‘friend’ him bc he wouldn’t remember talking to me since it was his birthday and he had too much to drink. 

I said, “Ok” then I went to leave and he said, “Hey, be careful.”  

That was sweet and when I got to my car I remember I actually got this very happy feeling. Like something important just happened.

A few months later I messaged him, "do you want to do this duets thing?" He said sure and we started rehearsing.  

It was so fun we laughed our faces off most of the rehearsals and that was kinda it. We just liked each other a lot and started dating! 


- Michelle